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I Don't Know What I Expected

So, this is obnoxious because I’m on vacation, but...

Basically I planned this entire trip that my mom and I are on. I asked her for help and she pretty much refused to take on any of the planning. The one thing she did was book a day tour because I told her exactly what she needed to Google and that it didn’t matter which company she picked. As recently as yesterday on our flight she was still claiming to be unsure of where exactly we were going (like, she knows we’re Ireland but continues to insist she doesn’t know what city we’re in.) I have looked up everything, I have booked everything, I got us to our Airbnb without use of Google maps, I was on the phone with her credit card company this morning because they needed to wire her money and she wouldn’t decide for herself how much she wanted to take out so she wanted me to tell them. We went for breakfast and she ASKED ME IF THE BREAD SHE WANTED WAS A CROISSANT OR A SCONE. And also asked me if the meat I was eating for breakfast made me think of the animals being killed (this is a woman who regularly tells me I need more protein). Oh and that one thing she actually booked - she has been asking me all day where we need to go to meet the tour and how long it is and what time we’ll be back.  

We had about 2 hours to kill before our flat was going to be ready and I suggested we go to to Galway Cathedral and she agreed but was very unenthusiastic. We were having trouble finding it and I could tell she was not into it and finally I was like “what’s the issue?” And she was like “I hate churches. I’ve already been to churches all over Europe.” But did she have an alternate suggestion for what to do? OF COURSE FUCKING NOT because she hasn’t done a single iota of research for this trip. As far as I can tell her main interests here are to look at cows and talk to people about their dogs and her dogs and how much she hates living in Florida. And when I brought up to her that I was frustrated because she hadn’t helped with the planning (something BTW I brought up with her months ago while we were planning and asked for more help, which she continued to refuse to give me) she got angry and said I was blaming her because Google maps wasn’t working properly and I was just mad we were having trouble finding the place and that she’s so tired she can’t actually be helpful and that I shouldn’t be annoyed about things from months ago.


And now that we’re settled in the Airbnb she is pretending nothing happened and has asked me more times what we’re doing tomorrow ON THE DAY TRIP SHE FUCKING BOOKED.

So this was a terrible idea. And on top of all this my bra scraped the shit out of my side so I’m also going to be in a lot of pain for the whole rest of the trip.

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