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I don't know what I'm going to do all summer

The theater I work at doesn't have shows during July or August, so I don't have a job for those two months. I'll have about $500 to hold me over for the summer since I'm working in June. I applied for about 40 jobs for the summer/in general - receptionists, retail, drug stores, food service, office temp - but I only heard back from 2 and they changed their minds when they realized I'm not graduating yet and have a year left. I also applied for over a dozen internships for the summer back in January and never heard back from any of them.

I don't know what do to and my mom isn't exactly helping. Her response was "well you HAVE to do something all summer, you're just not looking hard enough. Just work as a cashier in the supermarket." Yes, my 22 year old self would love to work with a bunch of asshole 15 year olds for minimum wage in the supermarket. Keep in mind that this was immediately after she complained that I'm working too much in June because she's adamant about me cleaning the house.


I really have no clue what to do. I've never waited before so no restaurant will look at me, I worked in summer camps for 3 years and can't do it anymore (I hate kids. Sorry). I'm at a total loss as to what to do besides go to the beach and work out (something I'm not opposed to doing).

If I even get a job, I can't keep it once I go back to school in the fall because I'm literally in class all day 4 days a week.


Throw this on top of my already shit mood/feeling like a failure (my college's Bachelor's commencement was today, something I would have been at if I hadn't fucked up over the past 4 years. Alas, I'm graduating next year). Everyone around me seems to have a job and for the life of them cannot understand why I can't find one.

Tell me it gets easier, Jezzies.

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