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I don't know what to do here.

So, I unfortunately got sucked into the Duck Dynasty crap and posted a few articles/statements on Facebook. Nothing incredibly inflammatory, but I made my point clear: A&E's decision does not constitute a violation of first amendment rights, good for them for taking a stand against hate speech, this man is not being religiously persecuted, it's 2013 and we have to move past this, and being silent/pleading for everyone to just get along doesn't cut it in this instance. I can't keep my mouth shut while others are rallying together to support an ignorant bigot. I also linked a few articles from progressive Christian thinkers basically saying that we are PAST the point of talking about biblical interpretation because a. no one will ever truly have the final answer and b. LGBT teenagers are fucking dying over this issue. Appalling rates of suicide. We can't sit here quietly and let this continue while we argue over what the authors of the bible meant.

SO. After all of this, I get the following message from a woman whom I would consider a close friend of mine. She and I met at a support group a few years back, she means a lot to me, she's had my back through some heinous things. She's also fairly conservative, I've known this for awhile. But, she sent me the following message and I'm raging/irritated/conflicted:

"I understand your feelings on homosexuality- especially having struggled with it personally. It's never right to attack someone or judge them. However, most of your posts are deliberately placing Christianity in a negative light- something that I feel, since I am one, is basically the same thing as what the uneducated 'Christian' groups are doing. The bible makes it clear- Jesus said to love everyone. Our sin is what God hates. we cant love someone AND support sin.... or that would be unloving. I'm trying to understand what's hard. yes, it's complicated- I share your feelings here, but there is SO many avenues you could be down on. Is it that the bible talks about homosexual behavior as a sin? Is it that you don't like the persecution that said 'Christians' are weilding on to people who have relational love with same sex partners? You just want everyone to get along?...... dissect what your angry about, because this guy really hit a nerve with you. My problem here, is, while I understand what the bible says, I also understand that we all struggle with our own stuff. It's easy for some guy to say what he did, not having been down that road. It sucks that he puts himself in a position to basically speak for all Christians- yet he doesn't think before he speaks. He could have shared his beliefs in a way that were less hurtful."


No, I don't think he could have, because the core of the message was clear. Homosexuals are subhuman. Homosexuals are depraved and wrong. There is NOTHING not hurtful about that. And none of what I posted was admonishing Christians, it was more so criticism of the ill educated right wingers justifying hateful small mindedness WITH their religious beliefs. I'm all for Jesus. Really. I don't think he'd be down with what's been going on in this present-day evangelical culture, though.

Ugh. I am resisting just firing off something angry back at her. I love this person, I really do. She's smart and caring and has been there for me for years. THIS though, I am having a near-impossible time reconciling.

Sorry if this is kind of all over the place. I'm sort of worked up, in case it's not obvious.

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