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I don't know what to get my mom for Christmas

I’m having a really fucking hard time figuring this shit out. A few weeks ago, I gave her an Oral B electric toothbrush that connects to your phone and stuff and monitors your brushing, etc. I got it for free, and I already have the same exact one, and it’s like a $100+ value. I should’ve just given this to her for Christmas as a surprise, but I had no idea if she was interested in something like this, so I asked her if she wanted it and she said yes.

She told me not to get anything else for her for Christmas because she’s going to wrap this up and put it under the tree anyway (lol), but I would feel awful not getting her something else. However, I’m not sure what to get. I got her what I thought would be a useful gift last year (I know it sounds lame, but a nice salad spinner because she and my dad make salad like every night), but she hasn’t used it once -.- I don’t really want to buy anything more than $30 because I’m a broke student and stuff. I don’t know what to get, and it’s eating me aliiiive. I was thinking of getting her like a nice lipstick or lipgloss, but that sounds stupid, right? I don’t know :\

Also, I’m a bit upset because I thought I got my boyfriend the perfect gift: to see a band he loves. Turns out he also bought tickets -.- I’m trying to sell the tickets now and buy something else, but I’m worried I won’t be able to sell them (although the show is already sold out after a day...). I’m just having a huge gift-shopping fail this year. I feel really discouraged.

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