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I don't know where to start

Not that my writing standard is anywhere near it, but: please do not mainpage this.

Last night, we went to our synagogue's Purim celebration. Purim is the story of how Queen Esther saved her people (the Jews) from getting all murdered because of one man's pissy bullshit ("he didn't bow to me! KILL HIM AND EVERYONE ELSE"). It's usually a lot of fun - everyone dresses up in costumes, they tell the story, there's a skit, etc. It can be a lot of fun.

Last night's skit was a takeoff on the Academy Awards, where they showed clips of skits done in past years and gave awards to the best one. Various members of the congregation came out in costume (Lady Gaga, Hilary Clinton, Jack Nicholson, etc) and it was all cute and funny and maybe a little boring (much like the Oscars themselves).


Then... the guy playing the "host" (he was Brian Williams, with all the stupid and stupidly bad jokes you'd expect) welcomed the next presenter as "give a big hand for... him... her... whatever, Bruce Jenner!"

And then the man playing Bruce Jenner came out in drag. I said "that's not nice" and PLENTY of people heard me, then I looked at What's-His-Name and WeePiglet and said "we have to leave."

So we stood up and left. I was SO upset and SO offended and just... angry. I'm still angry but I've slept on it and decided that I need to write a letter to the folks in charge over there. The rabbi, definitely. I will probably cc the president of the congregation, the cantor and whoever else I think should be aware that this was NOT. COOL.

It's one thing to dress in drag as a costume. But this was just... no. Of all people, the Jews should understand what it's like to be "othered" and what it's like to be taunted and persecuted for that otherness. To use someone's personal journey (or whatever, we still don't know for sure what Bruce Jenner is doing, and I don't even care because it's none of my goddamned business) for laughs in this way just struck me as so. very. wrong.


But I'm not sure how to address it in such a way that I will be *heard.*

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