I just commented on some post. I thought it was one of us, on Groupthink. But it took me to another place. People don't know me there. They don't know that I am a Funny, not a Crazy. But if you didn't know me, you'd think I was a Crazy for sure. (And let's face it, many probably still do. People I've known for years think it. It's OK. I am not offended.) But you guiiiissse. I just look like a weirdo.

My comments don't belong in strange places. It's like that time Jim wore a tuxedo to work and it just so happened to be when the new boss started. It's funny if you know the person. If you don't know the person, then they're just a crazy asshole who shows up to work in a tuxedo like a fucking jackass.

Now I want to go back and say "DERP. I'm sorry, I was just making a joke. I do that sometimes. My friends at Groupthink on Jezebel get me. I swear. You'll like me too! See, I make these funny posts about Burt Reynolds and interesting facts about his life..."


But all they see is Jim in a tuxedo. :(