said to me by the HR director of a regional grocery store chain in my third interview for a position in their accounting department. “I tell people you can do your job without drama or you can look for another job”

First, I don’t know why this guy was running my interview (CFO and controller were also there but seemed to be in a secondary role). I won’t work for him and he is just the HR director.

Second, I felt like I was being lectured in the principal’s office. He was telling me that the store managers would be like my “customers” and should be treated as such. My mind was all “WTF?”

Third, so what is “drama”? If I’m being harrassed by a male co-worker would I be causing drama by reporting it to him? If some female co-worker takes a dislike to me and tries to sabotage my work, is that drama?

I was kinda excited about the possibility of this job but now I don’t know for sure. I feel like this guy would be butting in to things he would know nothing about.