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I don't like moving

Growing up, I moved a few times. I think we moved 1 or 2 times when I was a toddler, before we made the big move to America. And then in America, I've moved 4 times (not counting college). The current house my parents are in has been the longest one I've lived in (and I currently live with my parents and will be doing so for about another year). Now we're moving again in September, and it's just...hard for me. Not for my parents or my younger sister (she'll be in the same school district, fortunately). My parents and sister love change and newness. I get that, but I also love this house and I don't like certain changes. My parents are renting this house out, so it's technically still theirs. But now that they officially have renters, it feels more and more real that in 2 months, this won't be where my family calls home.

I don't know...I'm not excited. I'm not excited at all. :\


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