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Welcome To The Bitchery

I don't literally live in squalor...

But it sometimes feels like I do.

I want to be a clean person. But I'm still trying to move in, I work full-time, I'm now maintaining two blogs because I'm bolstering my online presence/writing career under my real name, I have Crohn's so I get sick a lot, I'm trying to make friends which means being social when I want to sleep, I'm trying to keep friends which means driving two hours out-of-town to where I used to live, and I think relaxation is important, so I read and watch Star Trek with my husband.


Like, sometimes we get super-good about cleaning, like last Sunday when we were preparing for my friend to spend a few nights with us. I dusted the downstairs half-heartedly before thoroughly dusting the guest bedroom. I did lots of laundry. I scrubbed the bathroom really well. I vacuumed the guest bedroom. It was all very impressive. And my husband had vacuumed, mopped, and waxed the hardwood floors just a few days prior.

But I just want to live in a cleaner house without spending more time cleaning.


I'm researching local cleaning companies. Beau is an engineer for a very large company that financially rewards him for making him travel all the time and work 12-hour days sometimes and answer weekend calls and other bullshit that stresses him out.


Has anyone used a cleaning service before? Any idea what a fair rate would be? Two companies do a free walk-through and estimate. Another lists a flat rate for two hours of cleaning. And how do I sell this to my husband? We are very frugal in a lot of ways (shop sales, use coupons, eat at home, etc.), but also generous with others and each other (Beau bought me roses yesterday!). I somehow need to convince him that this would be a worthy investment in our happiness and stress levels.

I should add that we live in a small rental house. It's the perfect "starter home" for two people, but it's also so much bigger than my one-bedroom apartment where I lived previously. Aka more overwhelming to keep clean.


My parents used a cleaning service on and off when I was growing up. It depended on their finances, if my mom was working or not, how old my brothers and I were, etc. Like for awhile it was a monthly full-cleaning. At another point, our cleaner did just the bathrooms once a week.

Any stories, advice, feedback, etc. would be appreciated!

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