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"I don't make girls"

So a coworker of mine that I normally like a lot and his wife were having a baby a couple years ago. They were planning to find out and share the sex of the baby. Everyone was teasing him at a team meeting that if it was a girl he'd have to deal with boyfriends! That's when he decides to spout this gem out to us "I don't make girls."

Okay, first off, I hate the implication from both sides that having a girl baby is somehow more difficult/less desirable than a boy child. I have nieces and nephews. Kids can be handfuls no matter their sex organs. Second he literally had a fifty-fifty chance of being wrong about that and we were all eventually going to find out, so why say something so cocky and stupid? Well it turned out he did in fact have a son. So he continued to brag about that nonsense.


Now they are expecting their second child and found out the sex last night. This time it was indeed a girl. Would I be an asshole if I asked him if he thought it was his... since you know he doesn't make girls? If I was better friends with him outside of work I would totally bust his chops with that. Of course, I will be nice and not snark too hard IRL so I thought I'd say it here. I found the below picture on the girls rule tumblr. It made me lol.

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