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My sister-in-law is laboring. I’ve mentioned her before. She had to have a late term abortion after she found out that her fetus did not have a brain. It was an ordeal for many reasons, not the least of which was that her state has very restrictive rules about abortions which led her to need to use the help of an abortion charity to fly to New York to get the abortion.

Last night she was induced for her current pregnancy. She’s 37ish weeks along, but the doctors are saying there is abnormal blood flow to the fetus’s head. It could be nothing or it could be something. Of course all of us are thinking back to her last pregnancy. I have my fingers crossed that if there is something wrong it’s purely physical and easily fixed.

My oldest nephew (different SIL, they are half sisters) was born with his esophagus not connected to his stomach. That sounds awful, but it was a fairly short surgery and my nephew is now taller than me and perfectly healthy. That was a manageable outcome. That’s what I’m hoping for this morning.


I’m headed back to bed now after about 3 hours of mediocre sleep. If you pray, now would be a good time. My SIL is religious, it would mean something to her. My religion is apparently the Church of Worry, so I’ll be worshipping there today.

ETA (8:41 MST): Still no news, but thank you all for your good wishes. I’ll add more when I know more. At least I got a couple of hours of sleep in.

Update 2: She is being given a break from the pitocin and taking a meal and a bath. That seems to suggest that the baby is not in distress and that they are not too worried about something catastrophic. So good news so far. My fingers are still crossed.

Final Update: He’s healthy! She gave birth about an hour ago and so far he seems perfectly normal. He’s not in the NICU and no parts of his head or brain appear to be missing. That’s not something you would normally worry too much about, but that was a real concern in this pregnancy. I’m so relieved. I might actually sleep tonight.

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