Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I don't really care about Hilary Duff but...

So am I the only one who freaks out a little bit when a celebrity couple breaks up/divorces that got together/married around the time you did and wonder if that means you're doomed too? Obviously Hilary Duff is not a big role model of mine or anything and I'm not at all invested in her relationship with some hockey guy I've never heard of before. She's four months younger than me, got married about a year after I did, and has a young child like we do. I guess I just can't help imagining "what ifs" Or thinking that if with all the money in the world it still couldn't be made to work what chance to do we have to last forever? So much of my life has been spent with my husband, the thought of him suddenly being out of my life is so terrifying.


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