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I don't see nuthin' wrong...

With a little grump and whine. (To the tune of “Bump n Grind,” get it?! I’m so proud of myself!) Anyone else having a shitty Monday?

I have a bunch of low level annoyances that I want to complain briefly about:

1. I have, like, 8 zits pushing their way through up to the surface thanks, I’m pretty sure, to the non-stop sun screen applications of last week. They are gross. I want them to go away.


2. I am sooooo tired.

3. The espresso machine at my work’s cafe is busted. Which doesn’t help #2.

4. I have a class that is just downright horrible. I thought I’d be all recharged and ready to deal with them after break. But they are worse than I remembered.


5. I’m worried that I’m experiencing the beginnings of a UTI. :P

6. I should have been off work about an hour ago but I have a long ass meeting that’s going to keep me here the next two hours. Blergh, man.


How ‘bout you?

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