I never quite meshed well with deodorant. The antiperspirant stuff made me sweat more in other places( namely, all over my face).I tried all-natural deodorant crystals, but they didn't really make a difference. For some time now, I've done nothing for my pits. I've been smell-tested and told I didn't smell bad despite being a sweaty mess that day.At most, I have a human smell that is usually washed away before going down to funkville. Why, then, do I still feel really gross for not wearing deodorant? It's obviously better to sweat a little all over than sweat massively everywhere except where you put the deodorant.
I have a feeling that this is one of those things that are more socialized than necessary, or at least my shame is. Everyone I know right now talks about their antiperspirant, especially since we're all in a hot climate.I feel like I should be worrying about my smell as well, but I'm fine being a little bit sweaty at times.
That aside, what do you think?Is antiperspirant and/ or deodorant for everyone, or is it by a case-by-case basis?I'd like to hear your opinion.