Prepare for rant. I don't want a counterargument. I just need people to to agree with me on this one.

I don't think we should make assumptions about people based on what they wear, and I certainly don't think we should inflict those assumptions on other people via mandatory dress code. I think it creates classist, racist, sexist hierarchy of who is and is not "acceptable" or worthy of ridicule, both in the work/school work and in other "real world" scenarios. Doesn't it make more sense to teach people that substance is what counts and that dress isn't some huge thing to get distracted over?

I ask this because of that post on a school banning leggings with caveats. Some people said dress codes help students enter the work world and conform to it. But to be honest, a work world that places undue burden on the wearer to prevent others from getting distracted is not a work world that I would like my child to enter.

And I will not teach my children that it is acceptable to judge other's clothing choices on the basis of completely subjective and somewhat arbitrary opinions as to what is "appropriate" for the time. Rather, I will teach my children that it is never okay to taunt someone or treat someone differently because of their clothing. I will teach children to judge a person by the content of their fucking character and not by the shape of their hair.

And to those who say "but that's just the way it is": Yes, this is the way it is. Because people like you are fatalistically complicit in keeping it this way.

/end rant