In this particular instance, with this professor.

I have had capital-d Drama this semester, it's true. I'm not trying to use that as an excuse, I've done everything I can to take care of my academics in spite of this. My American government class, though, has been basically impossible to manage.

When I had to move suddenly and missed a day of school and a quiz, I talked to the professor, she said it was fine and she'd work it out with me once grades were posted. When my mouth was fucked up, and I had medical documentation because I was in mind-shattering pain and/or on narcotics, I talked to her, same thing, she said she'd work it out with me and let me make up the grades once she posted them. I came to class every day barring the moving day and the dentist visit day. I know I missed some online quizzes during these times which I had zeros for, but I turned in all my other assignments and got B's on all the tests. Problem was, she said she'd address my gaps with me once she posted all of grades, something that is normally done throughout the semester as assignments come in, right? Well, she posted absolutely nothing until yesterday, for the entire semester. I'd figured I was making a B since daily work was supposed to be completion-only and tests were online. Last night I checked it, I was showing a B for the semester. Today, she posted my final grade as a C.

I'm pretty mad, you guys. I have been trying since the middle of October to communicate with her to no avail. I have emailed 4 or 5 times and gotten no responses. I called her office twice today and never got a call back. I emailed a final time this evening in an admittedly terse tone, because she had made me all of these promises to work with me and then gave me nothing to work with (basically all I said was "I've tried to contact you x number of times and haven't gotten a response, I just need to know what grades I need to make up. She wrote me back and said "there's nothing you can do, I submitted everything" which is a crock of shit. She promised our class she wouldn't post final marks until Friday afternoon.) I know it's not an instructor's job to work around upsets in your personal life, but she kept on reassuring me she'd give me a way to make it up, and it seems extremely unfair that I'd have no clue as to what my real standing was until the day before the semester is over. I'm certain it's against the college's policy to not post grades until after the drop date.

I showed up, I did my work, I got good grades, I communicated with her as much as possible, I took her word when she told me she would give me an opportunity to fix what I missed due to extenuating circumstances. I am going to talk to the dean tomorrow and see if I can appeal my grade, or at least call their attention to what happened. I know I'm not the only person that took her course and was really frustrated the entire time.