So I've posted before about the Oklahoma-centric blog that I read "The Lost Ogle" and it's comical reporting. Recently they put out the following post about an upcoming "photo contest" for pictures of people at the Oklahoma State Fair (it was last week/weekend) and in the request for submissions they also decided to put out a list showing their top 15 pictures from fair's past.

Note: This post uses heavy emphasis with the following symbol: *. I call it the sarcasterisk and it is meant to indicate when a written statement should be read with heavy sarcasm and not literally (because seriously, I'm not a terrible person and wouldn't ever talk about people the way these jerks have).

I don't know, but I just don't think this is okay. It seems not so much comical as just mean spirited. Perhaps it's because a third of the pictures are people essentially shown just because of their weight:

Caption: Instead of getting all sad when I look at this picture, I ask myself these questions: Are these people racing, and where are they racing to? Something tells me the answers are "Yes" and "Indian Taco Stand."


Fat people are just soooo sad with their eating!* Don't they just eat all the time?*

Caption: If this gentleman were to roll up in a Western Sizzlin' parking lot, Mackie McNear and Craig Humphreys would sound alarms, lock the doors and hide in the walk-in freezer.


Ha Ha Ha. Fat people just eat way too much, amiright?* It's just so funny to joke about how they're going to eat all the food at the buffet, amiright?*

Caption: Notice how the dude standing next to her is wearing a burnt orange shirt? I don't know if they were together, but if they were, I kind of like that girl. In other news, the University of Oklahoma just sued her for copyright infringement and brand defamation.


I mean, here I thought it was just terrible to have your university/clothing brand associated with homeless people, but clearly we're wrong. The absolute WORST is having fat people be fans!* Ugh, I can't believe that fat people like one of the two major universities in the state, that's just too gross!*

But at least fat people aren't the only ones that we think are disgusting and photo worthy at the fair! We also take pictures of women's body parts that we don't consider "normal" or "attractive" and transgender people coming out of the restroom:

Caption: This picture was scary on many levels, but the scariest part is that the photographer only sent us pictures of the legs. It makes you wonder what the rest of this lady looked like. Did she have five fingers? Did she have teeth? Or was she incredibly hot with some fucked up legs? I guess we'll never know. That's probably best.


It's totally for the best that we don't know if there's a medical reason for the way this woman's body-less and head-less parts look, because it's a lot less convenient to make fun of her if she's got some kind of a condition or is a burn victim or something!* I mean, can you imagine the audacity of someone wanting to go to the fair and not cover up?* She is just so rude for not thinking about what I want to see when I'm perving on women's legs!*

Caption: This, uhm, person who we'll call "Terry" doesn't appear to be the typical Oklahoma State Fair attendee. But the fact that Terry is leaving the women's bathroom is kind of funny.


OMG! You're so right! It's hilarious that transgender people actually want to go to the fair too!* Transgender people shouldn't ever get to go to the fair.* And seriously? We let them use the restrooms too?* That's super duper funny!* Let's make fun of them by coming up with gender ambiguous names because we're too small minded to realize that they're people too!*

In all seriousness, I usually like the Lost Ogle and their ability to laugh at themselves and some of the media and political names in the state, but this post is just really not my cup of tea.

Is it yours?