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At least I think it’s administration. Committees? Organizations.

I wrote a letter of complaint to the organization for committee I’ve been working on and now they want to have a meeting with me. So one of the things I brought up was how it’s hard to patients to share their experience on these committees because it’s often just you vs a bunch of healthcare peeps and administrators. Basically, that patients need some form of support or moderator in these meetings.

A patient adviser wrote back telling me that the organization wanted to speak with me and he’d like to bring a colleague. Then 5 minutes later wrote back to add we could do it one on one.


I said that the colleague was fine (I know them). In the next email he mentioned that a third person would also attend this meeting.

Ummmm... Do I tease them and say ‘Well, I guess it’s good I do public speaking because part of the issue is literally these situations where it’s a 3 on 1 or 10 on 1 conversation.”

What is the point to bring 3 people to talk to one person? It makes me suspicious, because it seems like either an intimidation tactic, for their protection, or a backfired attempt at being supportive.

As a patient, it is intimidating, as my teacher self, not so much.

Am I suppose to feel heard when there are three people? They are related to the project, one is the team leader, one is this patient adviser, and the other was another admin type I spoke to once.


They want to talk about my experience and for me to think of solutions to the problems I pointed out. I understand that’s also to make me feel valued, empowered and heard, but at the same time it’s exhausting to be both the complainer and the solver.  I’m a volunteer, why can’t they just hire someone with my background to solve these problems? (I’ll probably say that.)

I’m assuming this is normal in HR stuff. What is the reasoning for it?

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