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Correction: It was the Office of Congressional Ethicsthat they voted to gut and not the Office of Government Ethic. (There are way to many similarly named things.) So that isn’t as directly linked as I initially thought to the fact that the Senate seems to be bypassing the system that nominations are usually approved.

The Office of Government Ethics examines the financials of all the president’s cabinet nominees for conflicts of interest. Nine nominees are on the list to be confirmed by the Senate on Wednesday. Many of those have not submitted any of their financial paperwork to the Office of Government Ethics. Elizabeth Warren posted a letter on FB. Screen shots from her post if you didn’t see it.


My take is that Congress knows that these people would not pass the traditional vetting process and that there is potential for them to abuse these positions for financial gain and they want to push them through without the American people knowing that. Which makes the whole thing even more sneaky than I originally thought.

I know I don’t have to tell you guys to find out who your representative is and call them, but I find myself asking on fb for people to do this 2 or 3 times a week. I think this just may be my life for the next couple of years.


I have all my state and national representatives in my cell phone with their local and capitol office numbers. I was contacting my state reps over Texas’s Senate Bill 6 last seek about bathroom bills and will start in next week on Senate bill 242 that will make it a requirement to give over any written information on students except that relating to child abuse. It is in response to a school system having rules about protecting information about student gender and sexuality from parents at the request of the student. I’m not sure if the Senator introducing the bill is just a Pollyanna or what, but I know of many kids who aren’t telling their parents they are gay or trans because they know how detrimental it would be for their situations. I know of at least 3 kids living with families other than their own since last year because of being outed. If it goes into effect, I guess the solution is to not put the information directly into writing and keep notes very vague. I hate that my state makes laws in response to legislator’s feelings and doesn’t get opinions from outside medical and psychological sources. Although, if they did, I’m sure it would be from the most problematic source possible.

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