Tomorrow is the first day of school. And I’m not ready to give up summer.

I’m lucky that I have a job in academia that allows me to have an extended holiday. That is something I’ve always been thankful for. However, this year summer wasn’t quite long enough for me.

Part of this is aging. The older we are the quicker time flies. I had so many things I wanted to start this year and none of it happened. For a while I was sucked into lazy days at the pool or snuggling with some kittehs that wanted mom time. Soon I was sucked into projects for work that had to be done now. So in the meantime the garden expansion is half done, the dining room paint isn’t finished and my curriculum revamp is only half done. On the slacker side, there is a LOT of watching that didn’t get done on both Netflix and Prime.

I used to look forward to fall - sweaters, tights, wool skirts and crisp air. New beginnings with the new semester. Now? Just give me another month of warm days and a few thunderstorms for my gardens. I don’t want to think about retiring. My career has been on a big upswing these past three years and it isn’t finished yet. But today I wonder - is this nature’s way of telling us its time to slow down?