Whining like a five year old is not mainpage-able:

On Saturday, my aunt is throwing a birthday dinner for her son (my cousin). I am definitely going, I already promised my mom I would take her, but two things about it make me have a sad:

1.) The dinner is at a seafood restaurant. I have a seafood allergy. The place offers non seafood things, but I am worried there will be some cross contamination. It's a chain, so hopefully it won't be too bad. Plus my mom doesn't get eat seafood/shellfish, especially from a nice restaurant, often.

2.) Now for the thing that is really giving me the sads. My aunt's ex-husband (my blood related uncle) will be in attendance. He is among a handful of my relatives who have voiced their not so nice opinions of me. There is also the possibility that my other shit-talking relatives will show up too. I am just really hoping there aren't any asinine questions that lead to them voicing their bitch-ass "thoughts" on my current situation.

So am an trying to tell myself that things will be fine, and that it won't be as horrifyingly bad as my brain is making it seem. But I seriously just want to curl up in my bed and sleep. I feel like I brought this on myself because I volunteered to drive my mom out to attend (she hates driving on the freeway, or at night/late evening, so if I wasn't taking her with me, she wouldn't be going, and neither would I, had I known my uncle would be attending).


I'm kind of overwhelmed with negative feels right now.

Unrelated: I promise to actually respond to you comments this time, instead of doing my usual ninja-posting thing.