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I don't want to move, but probably should.

Mr.Monster and I currently live in our friends house. She owns the house and technically lives here, though she really lives at her boyfriends house as of right now. Her brother also lives here. He is a fire fighter / first responder and recently got a new position. This allows him to be home everyday, whereas before he would work / be on call for 3 or 4 days in a row, then be home for a few days in a row.

Mr.Monster and I have a dog Hobbes. The brother also has a dog Loka. Initially the dogs they got along swimmingly. They like to play fight pretty hard, but they generally like each other. Every once and a while they would fight. In the beginning it was small, and while the fights didn't occur often, maybe once or twice a month, lately they have been more frequent and violent. They are leaving bloody puncture marks on one another.


A few weeks ago one of Loka's punctures got infected and turned into an abscess. She had to go on antibiotics . I felt so bad her for, but also was irritated with The Brother because he never puts polysporin on her cuts or cleans out her cuts when they fight, whereas I instantly using antiseptic on Hobbes punctures.

Today they got in another fight. It was bad. It was probably 2-3 mins long, which when you think about it is a really long time. The Brother and I were both home and we had a ridiculously difficult time breaking them up. The dogs each have a puncture mark, The Brother hurt his hand (got it twisted up in the dogs) and I fell, scraped my leg and ripped my pants.

As soon as the fight is over the dogs are wagging there tails like nothing happened and acting like everything is fine and dandy.

I am just so sick of this. We should probably move out. I am scared one of them is going to get really hurt one day. We only moved in here in September to save some money since our friend charges us really cheap rent for our use of two very small bedrooms. Money is tight. Mr.Monster has a great job and I am in grad school with a fellowship, but combined we have $75000 in student loans and in addition a car loan (because we are stupid and thought a new car would be a bright idea).


I am in tears just thinking about packing and moving in the middle of winter in Winnipeg (-32 C with the windchill right now folks). PLUS we would have to buy a bunch of new furniture if we moved. This place is fully furnished, thank god, because when we were moving in here from our last place we realized that we had bedbugs. So we threw out practically all our furniture. I don't even want to touch used furniture since we got bedbugs. That means we would need to buy a brand new mattress, frame, dresser, and couch if we decided to leave.

I just don't want to deal with this. UGH.

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