and it was a small suburban house in a neighborhood near where I used to live (like, I can picture that actual street it would be on) and he was there when we came to check it out, and he was a middle-aged, slick looking guy who proceeded to sermonize me about โ€” for some reason โ€” how Buddhism wasn't so great, but eventually he left and we looked around the rest of the house. Then I was going to post something about it to Groupthink, but I realized that I couldn't do so without giving enough information to find my new address and potentially doxx me, so I was going to just post that I'd bought a house belonging to "some televangelist." I also remember thinking that it would be great to perform some really depraved acts (I'm not being coy here: in my dream I only got so far as "some depraved acts;" my dream avatar did not actually go into specifics nor participate in said acts, unfortunately) on Falwell's erstwhile bed.

Then there was a part about singing in a high school choir some anthem about chocolate and Jesus (?) and something about some touch-up paint that I couldn't buy because it contained peanuts (??).

Just thought you guize would like to know that you made my dreams.