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Happy Cat Burgling Update after the jump.


So my boss has been dicking me around, schedule-wise. I was supposed to work this week and... nope! He had other people in to do the packing, which sucks a little, but kinda not because it’s nice to have time to decompress before starting my new gig. It’s worth the bit of lost money. Aaaaand it gave me time to prepare for a new fambly member to come home! (Surprise surprise, the contractor bailed on adopting her, just like I fucking knew he would. Nuts to him. I don’t need him. He can go suck an egg. We’ll make it work. In fact, it’s already working! SO THERE!)


I went to Wally World this morning and bought a 12 pack of tinned kitty pate, a big bag of the kibbles she likes best and some litter. Then I hit the big box pet store and found a huge, deep corner style litter pan with a hood on sale (she pees over the edge of the pan she had and the corner model is the deepest at that store.) It was originally $49, and was marked down to $25. The cashier gave me another 50% off of that at the till. So $12.50+ tax! Sweeeet! A $2 boot tray at the door will catch any pee she might inadvertently get over the lower lip. A few cat nip toys and jingle balls, a few more bucks. All in all, totally ready to go for less than. $40.

This is what the Starship Pooperprise looks like (but this isn’t Samantha Point Break, I just used this picture from EBay so you can see how big it is.):


I didn’t call or text, I just went into my work this afternoon and took Samantha Point Break and her beds. The owner wasn’t there, and it went super smoothly! She wandered up and started meowing at me as soon as I walked in, likely because her food bowl was empty and water bowl frozen solid. And her beds had been put upstairs in the room she’s terrified of (she was locked in there by accident for 2 days a couple years ago.) Everything was torn apart and jumbled up in piles, displays, shelves, garbage strewn haphazardly all over. There was also broken glass everywhere in the facility, like they had an ornament fight or something.

I quickly loaded her things into the car and put a trunk liner on the back seat, I put a towel down on that for any Pee Pee Pants City accidents and prepared for a carrier struggle. But she went into the carrier without hesitating and without a peep. She complained a bit in the car, but didn’t pee or freak out at all. As soon as I got her upstairs and opened the door to the carrier she was out and exploring, calm and easy. I set up her space ship litter box and set her in it, she scratched around for a sec and then took the chair in the sunny window.


She’s eaten a bunch, laid in my lap purring, peed in the Starship Pooperprise and is now napping in one of her many beds.


As my good friend Negan would say: SHE’S TAKIN IT LIKE A CHAMP!!!”

I’m relieved. She’s warm and cozy and full and happy.

All is well. I really do feel a tiny bit #BLESSED.

Oh, and since she doesn’t know her own name I’ve gone ahead and made the executive decision to change it to POINT BREAK. I say it every time I walk into her room, every time I give her treats/feed her and softly every time I snuggle her. Over and over and over. Point Break. Point Break. Point Break. Poooooint Breeeeak.


It was that or John Wick.

Point Break doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?

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