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I Eated This: Lunchtime Edition

My host family left this morning, leaving me with the responsibility of eating anything in the fridge that will go bad before they get back. Oh, darn.

Lunch was a bagel topped with avocado and mussels in garlic and parsley, which is apparently a thing that you can just buy in France, ready-to-eat in a little plastic container for 2 euros. This was delicious. I may have it for lunch tomorrow, too, because I still have half of the mussels, a quarter of an avocado, and a bagel and a half.


In France, it's totally normal to eat dessert with lunch—plus, that bagel alone wasn't going to keep me going for the seven hours I'm spending at school today. I have a lot of strawberries to use up, so I had the summer dessert of my childhood. Only we usually used brown and/or powdered sugar instead of cassonade and sour cream instead of fromage frais, and we ate it out of indestructible Pyrex bowls instead of off of cute dessert plates. Still just as delicious.

What's for lunch/breakfast/whatever for you all?

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