A quick update on my post from last week (thanks to those who gave me advice!). This weekend was amazing and bizarre at the same time. I got back in touch with childhood friends that I hadn’t seen in nearly 12 years. It was great to see where they are now, and how much they are still the same person. Apparently, they think I have changed the most, which I think is accurate. I really fell int my own in college after I formed a very tight-knit group of friends, so I can see what they mean. One of the friends I saw this weekend has actually grown to be very similar to me. We both live with our long-term boyfriends, we have similar tastes, and we even eat similarly (these were not the case in grade school). I did experience revertigo first-hand pretty hard, though. A lot of emotions I thought I had left in high school came flying back. We all fell into very similar social patterns, to an excessive degree. I think RedHandedJack thought his girlfriend had left the building, though. He liked my friends, but I think he was happy to see me return to normal. How was everyone else’s weekend?