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I Feel A Bit Odd, And I'd Like To Talk About It

I'm trying to...figure out the best way to say anything I'm about to. I don't want to seem accusatory or rude in any way. And please understand that this isn't directed at anyone specifically, it's entirely about me and my feelings.

I'm obviously having a bit of a rough time with things lately, and that, ya know, kinda sucks. I've been coming here to talk and vent about it, as I have for months, because I'm severely lacking outlets IRL that would let me get my feelings out in the way I do here.

But for some reason I still feel rather...awful. Like, ok. If I posted this now, I honestly don't think I'd receive the same type of comments. And, for whatever its worth, I am feeling pretty much the exact same way as of late as I did in that post back in August.


And I know I've talked about things that could very well cause me to feel alone and isolated. Money, family, friend and relationship issues all take their toll. But I haven't wanted to come here and just outright say how alone I've been feeling, because I've honestly been scared to.

I know I've posted about shitty friends, and shitty feelings regarding my relationship. I know that some things can be fixed and others can't. But at the end of the day, I'm still feeling pretty invisible and lonely. I haven't talked to anyone IRL about this because I just don't see a point. So I'm coming here, to you guys, because maybe I won't be invisible to you.

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