This left me with a mixture of sheer “WTF,” worries about people’s safety, and a hilarious list of uses for coconut oil, that I never even imagined.

For guys, pineapple is pretty great. Can definitely confirm that coconut oil is great for an aftershave. I do not recommend shampoo for shaving pubic hair though.


Yes! Men’s shaving blades are pretty great. I attempted to use a women’s razor, and it didn’t go so well. Also, someone please tell her that peeing after sex does NOT prevent STDS. Also, careful with condoms in your pockets.

What’s this? Whole Foods? Coconut on anything and everything with this girl. However, honey and sugar on the lips is tasty, not so much a fan of rolling myself in brown sugar. I’m a human being, not a pastry.


Sleeping with socks on... No... But her hickey cure is pretty good for light skinned people. If you’re medium toned like I am, use a red concealer instead.


Yeah. NEVER use microbeads.

Will keep that in mind if I ever fuck in the forest. Point taken.


Oh god. Lint in the thighs sounds like a nightmare. Also keep yourself hydrated. Obvious tip.

And... Scene...


The top comment: “She must have stock in Coconut Oil.”