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BEAR WITH ME. This is not a "I wish I looked like a porn star" issue. This is more like, "I scar easily and now I fear my vulva is ugly" issue. I don't know if societal standards regarding vulvas are even a thing, but this is about my feelings regarding my own.

So, um, I've always gotten a bit carried away with plucking. Like my eyebrows are always super neat and if I'm not careful, I look perpetually surprised.


A few months ago, I tried doing an at home wax in order to give myself a neat triangle. At first it was fine but I guess I didn't get all the hairs out completely because I got a ton of ingrown hairs. I removed them with tweezers—I KNOW, THAT'S BAD. I'M YOUNG AND STUPID—and though I have less ingrown hairs now, I still have a bunch. I've entered some ingrown hair vicious cycle. I also have some scarring from removing the ingrown hairs and bumps from current ones. (BTW: The scars are not actually on the lips but in the top part of the triangle area.)


Anyway, I'm in an open long-distance thing so I don't get a ton of action, but I am probably going to have sex tonight. I can cover up some of the redness/scarring with makeup, but I'm afraid that if the guy looks too close, he will notice my skin isn't entirely even and silky smooth down there. I don't have any STIs or anything—not even cold sores!—and I would hate for him to think that the scarring indicates something unhealthy.

My Q's for the Hivemind:

Any tips for minimizing scarring down there? I've been using Neosporin like a mofo, exfoliating in the shower, and trying to tweeze less.

Anyone else have similar issues down there? I feel like a (minor) freak of nature.

Why can't my vulva look like Barbie's? (Kidding. Am I?)

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