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I partially got somebody else at work in trouble today by being new and doing something stupid. I'm so frustrated, though, because it was a problem that could have been resolved in two seconds by that person just saying that I was doing the wrong thing. But noooo, he tried to take advantage of my being dumb in order to leave work early. Which made me deal with other servers and a manager who were pissed at him. I was ready to cry the whole night. Also, before that happened, another server came up to me when I was by myself and said, "You don't look happy often. Why is that?" I don't know what kind of fucked up negging that was, but I was ready to both cry and punch that fucker in his smug, douchebag face. People have been pointing out how quiet I am, but that might be the worst thing I've had said to me. I want to quit already, which isn't an option.


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