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I feel cooped up!

Every time I go out with my friends to a bar or whatever my husband starts a fight with me when I get home. It's usually over something inane like the fact that I'm drunk (what? that's what people go to bars for?!) or one time I skinned my knee because I tripped which is something I do sober all the time. Also, there is never any sort of argument when I get drunk at home.

So I went down the street to a bar last night with a friend, and when I got home he started yelling at me about how he couldn't believe me and he has had it. When he said he has had it, I almost lost my shit. If there were a vase to throw, I would've. I've been taking care of him and he has been wholly unappreciative of it. Nothing I do is good enough. He literally has not lifted a finger around the house for two weeks. I'm surprised he hasn't asked me to wipe his ass for him or hold his penis while he pees, since I literally do just about everything else. But it's not good enough. I'm trying to work, go to school, clean the house, and take care of his every fucking whim. But I'm a terrible wife that he can't put up with anymore because I went out and had some drinks with a friend. Right, okay.


I ended up sleeping on the couch, and he hasn't spoken to me since he woke up.

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