As many of you know, I'm going to Supercon this weekend. I put my request in about two months ago, and it was approved. Then, about two weeks ago, my coworker put in for 9 days off for family stuff which overlapped with my request, but my manager said she'd figure it out (we only had 3 employees). I felt kind of shitty, but I had already paid for everything so I tried not to feel too bad. So I get called in today because the dude is now going to be staying in Maryland for like 2 months, and when I come in I find out the other girl is going away this weekend because her aunt died. I feel like such a terrible person for not offering to stay and work. Like I know it's not really my problem, but I feel like a bad person. I've already spent a lot of money so I'm going, but I feel super guilty about it because everyone else is having such a shitty week now and I'm going off to have fun.