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I feel like a super adult.

I just sat down and did bills. I only have 4 bills left for the month and 3 more paychecks. And I paid next month's student loan bill. I've never been good with paying bills. I have screwed up bills and our bank account more times than I can count. I'm just really thrilled to actually have money to pay and to do it on time.

Plus, I caught up our toll tag and ordered one for my car to be attached to the account. I'm not sure they should have been able to do that without my husband saying they could, but, since making him call them is a pain in the ass, I just called myself. For some reason, it is way cheaper to call in and make a payment than to pay on line. If you call in, they change the rate to a much lower fee rate and drop administrative fees. If you call in before they send out a letter, they drop it to the an even lower rate. I think it's a racket.

Of course, I fed my kids complete crap for supper, but I guess you can only rock on so many fronts at once.

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