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Sign My Petition To Make Poison's 'Fallen Angel' Our National Anthem

Win big—Mama's fallen angel
Lose big—living out her lies
Wants it all—Mama's fallen angel
Lose it all, rolling the dice of her life

Words to live by. And friends—I think this video is more than just an 80s hair metal band dipping into their softer side. This song is about America, and our very real struggle wear tighter bustiers, do cocaine with sleazy men, and eventually get on the back of a motorcycle with Bret Michaels.


It's the essence of the American dream, summarized in hairspray and leather. Her miniskirt is manifest destiny. Her boob job is a giant bald eagle, soaring through amber waves of grain, over purple mountains majesty.


I am herby launching my campaign to have Poison's "Fallen Angel" officially become our national anthem.

In the coming weeks, I will keep you updated about my work to make this song our new national anthem. I will be writing the President and various state lawmakers.

But I cannot do it alone. Please sign my petition here and show your support. On Twitter, use the hashtag #fallenangelUSA. Keep the messaging alive. Keep the pressure on those in power.


Let's make this happen. Let's give America the national anthem that we've earned.

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