Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I feel like GT personified IMPORTANT UPDATE

I had to do some shopping after work today. I bought cheese, boxed wine, and lentils.

I was smiling at the cash, thinking that maybe this was a secret code that only GTers would interpret correctly.


Important Update: I decided my boxed white wasn't cold enough, so I shoved it into the freezer while I did other things like feeding and walking the dog, cooking beef heart for the dog, emptying and refilling the dishwasher, and cooking peas & rice so I'd have something for lunch tomorrow ... so it was just before Person of Interest came on that I remembered my wine. I had not counted on the frostpoint differential between shoving a bottle of wine into the freezer versus shoving a waxed cardboard carton of wine into the freezer. So every time I wanted to fill my glass in the commercial breaks during Person of Interest I had to induce a gentle half-frozen slurry of cheap white wine, like a wine slushie, out of the carton by squeezing it like a toothpaste tube. The fact that this did not impede my enthusiasm for the wine, or for Person of Interest for this matter, suggests that (a) this is another blow struck for the burgeoning boxed wine industry, and (b) I am very possibly pathetic. Or adaptable. I like to think I am adaptable.

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