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I feel like this post on Dodge & Burn encapsulates why I broke up with my college boyfriend rather than moving to New York with him like he wanted. Although, apparently, if I moved to New York, I could wear my black mock turtleneck from the Limited Too (acquired in 1997) and some smeared eyeliner and fit in with gallerists, writers, and podiatrists to the stars.

PS, New Yorkers, please do not be offended! I love visiting New York. It is simply too population dense and hectic for my poor, migraine-addled brain, which goes haywire with too many lights and so many smells.


UPDATE: I decided to make this a random thoughts post - please post yours.

New random thought: Bachelors are always so proud of their poorly decorated apartments, which, without fail, include a puffy leather couch, a torchiere, and an inherited rug with deep red and forest green in it.

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