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Welcome To The Bitchery

I feel really really bad.

TW: Rape, rape culture

I engaged with someone who I assumed was trolling on mainpage article about Rand Paul. She argued that we have more rapes because it is assumed that women want premarital sex, and that makes it harder for women to be believed if they are raped. I assumed she was trolling, and called her out thusly (I know a lot of us did, until Hermione and JessPhilosaraptor pointed out hey, look, diminishing the experiences of ANY victims of sexual violence, no matter how messed up their views, isn't okay). She said something to me about it, and I assumed it was a lie and just said "keep trolling, little troll!"


And now I really really don't think she was. I think she was misguided, and I think some of her beliefs are WACK (premarital sex is the reason for rape culture) but... a lot of what she said sounds like internalized blame. I apologized to her, and she actually apologized to ME for posting on Jezebel in the first place when she knew her opinions wouldn't be welcome, but... I don't know. I feel like a bitchy bitcherson. I've been a rape victim, I've had my story diminished (never told I was a liar, but I have been asked why I thought what happened to me qualified as rape, how was he supposed to know I didn't want it, why did I think it was okay to get that drunk, etc.), and I HATE the idea that I contributed to that in anyone else.

So if anyone else sees the person with the handle that looks like letter vomit, this comment is the one that makes me think not a troll:

kniljiljfieoie to Everything Is Shiny

I'm so sorry. I know, I 1000% know I shouldn't comment here, and I try to stop, but then...idk. I'm sorry. And now that everyone knows I'm fucking insane...do I have to delete my Facebook? I use Facebook to sign into this and now I'm honestly afraid of people getting my personal info...


Bah. Feel free to tell me I was an insensitive bitch, because I feel like one.

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