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I feel so much contempt

House Judiciary Committee: show us the un-redacted report, Barr

Barr: No I don’t wanna

House Judiciary Committee: show us the un-redacted report or we vote tomorrow to put in you in contempt of Congress, you boot-licking jackwagon


Barr: Delay it or I advise the president to say EVERYTHING is executive privilege and you won’t be able to do anything

aka I hate playing with you when you expect me to follow rules, I’m taking all the balls and going home unless you ignore rules

Fucking piece of shit.

By virtue of Trump allowing people to be interviewed by Congress already, I believe you could make the legal case that he’s already waived executive privilege. I hope they vote to put Barr in contempt and fucking file impeachment proceedings tomorrow over obstruction of justice. I don’t even care that Turkeyneck McCoward will intentionally kill it in the Senate.

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