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I feel so unclean after last night's episode of Shameless...




If you need to skip past this first paragraph I understand.

Yikes yikes yikes I'll just get this out of the way. Why the hell did that have to be how Debbie loses her virginity? I feel so many complicated and confusing feelings about this. I don't think I can like Debbie as a character from now on. That was just horrible and completely out of character. There was no excuse for what she did to Matty and the most upsetting part is that he cannot report this without facing repercussions for underage drinking (he might still be only 20 and obviously most of the party was under age and the alcohol was illegally homemade) and the possibility that Debbie could turn it around and claim that he raped her, which is not something I'd picture Debbie doing, but then again, I didn't picture Debbie taking advantage of an unconscious drunk guy either! I feel like I have to remind myself that this is the same show that had the characters throw a party to raise funds for an incest rape abortion for Mandy in which I also had complicated feelings about. To call Shameless a black comedy is merely scratching the surface of what this show is. But however upsetting and shocking, I continue to watch wide eyed as they cover these meaty topics with characters who fumble through it in a believable-yet-unfortuneate-way.


Speaking of Mandy... I feel so bad for her character, from the misfortune I mentioned in the previous paragraph to all the crap she went through last season. I guess these two actors were dating irl and recently broke up, which makes the "I love you" scene even more poignant. I can understand Lip's hesitation after she said it, I mean, the last person he loved was Karen, whom Mandy happened to run over with her car causing permanent mental damage so... there's that... And it's things like that woven into the fabric of Shameless that leave me feeling just about every emotion possible after an episode like this. Because ultimately, who am I rooting for? Who is the good guy? It's so close to real, yet so absurd at times. I'm glad it's finally getting some unofficial recognition as not just a comedy. There is real drama on this show. There are difficult taboos being tackled by characters that react in over the top, but real ways. It's surprisingly getting better by being worse to it's main characters.

Case in point: Ian and Mickey. What is so frustrating about what's going on with them this season is that it's a slow burn. We all know shit is going to hit the fan, but it's really tense wondering when that will be.

Fiona was downplayed this week, which I didn't mind. I felt like her story was very true to who she is. Of course the lead singer that was scamming on her was a total douchtoboggen, and of course the Nice Guy™ bass player/musical prodigy would swoop in and teach her about music and passion or whatever. Of course she will fuck this up eventually, especially with JimmyJohnJacobJinglheimerSteve lingering... somewhere. It seems well established that the Asian diner big tipper might be working for him, but now I feel like it could be too obvious and that the writers are just toying with us again. I don't trust it. Lesbians is a running theme this season for some reason. After all that hub bub with Amy Smart's character in that one season, you'd think Fiona would know better than to lead a girl on like that. And if she is working for JimmyJackJosephandtheAmazingTechnicolorSteveCoat, then what's his end game? What is his goal coming back to Chicago when there's likely a price on his head and he's probably endangering countless people unnecessarily. I mean, I wouldn't question this from a late night soap opera, but this is Shameless, and this kind of lingering thread weaving is too intricate for this show.

I have to say, Frank's monologue of a mouthful to Sheila and Sammi was the best part of this episode, especially ending on Sheila's "unnecessarily complicated cooking" which was hilarious and I'm so glad that was what set her over the edge, most of what Frank said was harsh but on point, but the insult to her cooking, which is so inherent to her personality from season one, in countless episodes, it just make sense that she would blow a gasket and finally ditch Frank for good. Of all the people on this show, I want her to succeed the most. She is a bit batty, but the most rational and good natured person on this show, which is probably why she has to go.


This season is finally picking up steam thank goodness!

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