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I feel very defeated

Earlier this week, The Sun appeared to have taken a very quiet and important decision to drop its outdated, misogynistic feature, Page 3. Now, it seems that this was all a big joke and it's being reinstated.

For those not in the UK, page 3 is the third page of the British newspaper The Sun, and it features a picture of a young girl, usually between the age of about 18 and 25, with her breasts out. That's it. In among the news and celebrity gossip, there's a picture of a girl with her tits out. As its a newspaper, there's no age restriction on buying this. The Irish edition took out Page 3 two years ago.

Others will say it better, or more succinctly, or more profoundly, but I think the wonderful people behind the No More Page 3 campaign summed it up best:


Fuck The Sun. I hope this makes people realise what a fucking joke that newspaper is. Even people who were ambivalent about Page 3 before the announcement that the feature may be being axed are saying that this move seems like it's deliberately hostile and was done purely to belittle and ridicule women.

This felt like a real step forward, and now it feels like they were just doing it to take the piss out of the people who (rightly) feel that showing a young girl's breasts shouldn't feature in a national newspaper that can be bought by literally anyone of any age.

I just feel so defeated.

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