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I fell in love with Texas

I was down there last week to help my friend move. I didn't want to come back to New York.

We drove down from Brooklyn which took two days (and was ridiculous and awesome and horrible all at once). I didn't think I'd like it down there, cuz we stopped in Tennessee on the first night and I was all "fuck this, I'm in the middle of nowhere, everything is closed, I smell like pee (the dog pissed on a bed and I sat in it), I WANT TO GO HOME." Then we got to Houston and I was like "holy...shit." My friend who moved had told me "the Texas sky goes on forever." When I saw it...you guys, my god. I felt like I was standing on the edge of the world. Like if I walked far enough, I'd fall off of the Earth.


And I fell in love, and cried basically the entire flight home. When I walked out of JFK I just broke. Everything here is so grey and cold and miserable. Everyone's in a damn rush and on top of you or up your ass. It's dirty and you can't just take a minute to breathe or think.

I am most likely going to move down there after I graduate. I got a whole plan down and everything. I want to live under that sky. We're not trees, we're not meant to be planted in one place for our entire lives. And it's getting to the point where I need to go.

Texas GT-ers, see you all in about a year :)

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