Don't get me wrong. This is a stunning look. So stunning, it was a theme of the evening. Beige-sheer-encrusted is now solidly A Thing. I am a fan of color, myself, and I just figured out how to make this really stand out.

Ombre the bottom with a color. The hem is the darkest part, and the color gets lighter, the higher it goes; maybe fading out completely by around the hip area or a couple of inches below it. Comme ça:

At first, I thought maybe adding some colored beading could make it more interesting. But now I realize, no, just a simple dye from the hem up. Not sure what color, or how dark it should be, but that's what I'd do. And then the big dangly earrings should be a similar color to the hem, to bring it to the top.


Am I wrong? How would you make this great dress really stand out from the crowd?