Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Do any of you guys make use of thenlocal “yard sale” groups on Facebook? They are groups where people list things they have for sale locally and you can sell things as well? I just sold a bunch of maternity clothes, bought a bunch of dr. Brown’s bottles, sold my kitchen table that has been sitting in my garage, and then donated a bunch of clothes to a mom that left an abusive partner. Now I knew these groups existed, my sister has been in one forever, but it was a crappy one, so I kind of ignored it. But after we did a bunch of work to the house to make it ready for the little monster I had all this stuff sitting around, so I went looking and found out there are a million of them.

That’s all- I’m just kind of amazed if I need a lamp I can post what I’m looking for and within an hour 10 people in a 10 mile radius will send me pictures of lamps and they will all be under $10. So much better than my racist uncle’s posts about how trump will save the world and hey, check out his new gun.


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