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I Figured Out What To Do

About school and my classes situation. I GOT THIS.

Ok, so. I dropped the news lab class and enrolled in the class I wanted to retake. Financial aid won't cover a replacement class, but what they will cover are any and all classes for a degree requirement.


So on January 2nd, when the college reopens after the holidays, I'm going to go in (cuz I have to do this in person) and declare a minor in Biology. This way, I can take one or two bio courses for my degree for the spring, so financial aid will still cover me. AND! This helps me in another way, because this way when I take the news lab class in Fall 2014, I'll have a minor. So I'll be able to have a full-time schedule with Biology classes to fill in the missing credits and financial aid will continue to cover it as they are all required for my degree.

January 3rd in the last day to add courses online, but the late-add period extends beyond that. So as long as I declare my minor on the 2nd, I should still be able to enroll in the General Biology course before the deadline, putting everything in order.

Not to mention, the minor in bio might just be enough of a requirement for any PhD/MD programs I choose to apply to. So I will not be graduating in May, I might not even be graduating until next May of 2015. But it's ok. Because I'm on the right track.

Gotta roll with the punches, right?

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