And, uh, I don't...get it.

Now, before I get into this, let me preface my post by saying that I am a huge sucker for romcoms. It's actually quite the running joke among my friends how much I love romantic comedies, even the bad ones (well they're all pretty bad). I'm an insanely sensitive mushball and anything having to do with love makes my heart melt. So, I figured it's about time I see Love Actually because it's hailed as such a great movie about love. And stuff.

But I really just don't get it, for a myriad of reasons. I also don't remember every character's name in the movie so I'm gonna use some of the actor's names.

First off, Liam Neeson's stepson is kind of a little shit. I don't really like kids in general, so I'm not surprised that the kid's story line didn't tug at my heart strings, but in general he's kind of a brat, no? I mean, Neeson is trying super hard to be a good stepdad and this kid is just sulking around and being rude all over the place (HE MAKE CHICKEN KEBOBS. YOU EAT THEM KEBOBS CHILD).

Second, the whole Snape and the affair thing? I get that it's supposed to left to the imagination and everything that supposed to be a happy ending? Did Snape and his wife reconcile? Did they split? What happened to Mia? Why is it 100% Mia's fault that he (potentially) cheated?


Are we supposed to be happy that Sarah's life is completely devoted to her brother? Not that it's not admirable that she's taking care of him and everything, because it absolutely is, but I personally think she should be able to have a life of her own as well. And she just straight up ditched Karl! That's rude as hell. It's not like her brother was sick or there was an emergency. Maybe I'm just cold and heartless with this.

How is Colin Firth in love with someone who he never spoke to? What in the actual fuck?


Natalie is not fat. Why is everyone calling her fat? I do not understand. Is that supposed to be some kind of social commentary because if so, it was done pretty badly. Even the Prime Minister at the end tells her "you weigh so much" when she jumps into his arms! That's not cool, Hugh Grant. Not cool.

I don't get it. I don't understand how any of this is supposed to be romantic. I stand by my assertion that The Holiday is the best Christmas romcom of all time.