Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I finally understand!!

At first, when I saw Chritter had recommended a post of mine, I was like cool. Then I clicked through to see what post it was.

Guys. Y'all. It was for the Open Thread post done back on Jan 19th!

So then I was like this for a good while:


When I finally realized this could mean...posting privileges!!! Which is so so so so awesome you all because I gave up on FB last week and there are things I want to say! And now I have this place full of awesome people. (I had awesome FB friends but I also had my redneck family on there too.)

So thanks!!

A little intro: I live in Tx. I have two daughters. I work part time as a midwife assistant (so if you ever want some TMI stuff, ya know I got it). And I don't necessarily like Mark Wahlberg, but I did really like this confused, shocked face gif.


Happy Sunday everyone!

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