I'm not gay, and maybe I'm missing out on something, but scissoring? Really?

I really liked this movie in general, and I know there's been plenty of talk about the sex and whatnot and the actresses feeling uncomfortable while shooting them.

But in one of these infamous scenes, the two women are rubbing their junk against each other and they're (supposedly) getting off... I've never had sex with a woman but I can't imagine that this is a "thing" two women do together for any amount of time to get off. Like, sure, maybe some people like it, like anything else. The sex in the movie is fairly ridiculous in the way it seems that it's all "Let's show EVERY SINGLE WAY two women can get into positions to pleasure each other" which okay, fine... but this specific scene felt like it was some dudes idea of how two women have sex together.

Again, I'm not a lesbian, but I am a cis-woman and I could never see myself getting off this way. I feel like if I ever did sleep with a woman and she tried to do that I'd be all "um, no, let's use our hands and mouths please." It's just this movie had a great opportunity to show how two women who are in love and passionate about each other have really hot sex and it just...fell flat. Too bad :(