Because by saying something, I almost immediately get shot down with "this exactly what we're talking about!" But I feel that this comic is really spot on…

And I know. I know! The previous generation has always been convinced that the newest generation is just the absolute worst. And I don't want to turn anything into a "who has it worse?" pissing contest. But maybe just because historically, the previous generation has shit on the new one, doesn't mean that we should keep doing that. I understand the urge to finally get to pay back all of that "slacker generation" crap that the boomers and gen X-ers gave the gen Y-ers. But it really starts to sound like the justifications given for hazing, and we all agree that that's a bad thing too, right?

It doesn't compare in any way to ageism, but I do worry that part of the reason recent graduates have such a hard time getting jobs, beyond the fact that everyone wants you to already have 5 years of experience for an entry-level position, is that hiring managers have been reading all these articles about how millenials are just going to play candy crush on their iphones all day and expect a raise every time the refill the coffee pot without being asked, and that, combined with a healthy dose of confirmation bias, means that they'll shy away from hiring recent graduates, even with all the necessary qualifications.

So can we maybe agree, even if it's just in this nice little jezebel circle, to lay off of the millenials for a little while? We really are trying to work with what we've got.