Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I find myself in an uncomfortable position...

... I actually support a Conservative MP on an issue. This is making me feel uncomfortable and icky.

Women's group slams Baird over anti-gay law stance.

This conservative women's group is lambasting the Canadian Foreign Affairs minister for advocating against the discrimination of gay people in Russia, Uganda, and Kenya. They're saying he's inserting his own politics into this issue, and that "the majority of tax-paying Canadians" feel the way they do about the issue. Which is... just. no.


So I wrote him a letter of support. On this one issue. Made it clear I'm not a Conservative party supporter, but that, on this issue, he was doing some good and he should keep on keeping on with not listening to the right-wing wackos.

I'm now going to take a very long, hot shower.

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