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I finished my master's thesis! It's all bound and ready to be turned in tomorrow!

Hilariously, as I was writing about gender, violence, and evolution, some dude posted a thing on my friend's FB post about feminism about how it would be really feminist if we just recognized that women are better at some things and men are better at different things, but we should totally value those things just as much, right?

No. So I calmly wrote a post explaining that, no, gender is a social construct, but we should value what we've constructed as "women's work" just as much as "men's work" AND dismantle the gendered nature of those constructs so that if a man wants to be a kindergarten teacher or a stay at home dad, people will think that's just as great as if he wants to be a CEO, and same thing if a woman wants to be a mechanic or a CEO or a SAHM.


Then he wrote this super condescending evopsych bullshit comment to me about how evolution made us the way we are for a reason and I was just like, AHAHAHAHA.

Bro. Let me explain you a thing.

I am a biological anthropologist. I am literally writing a dissertation about this as we speak. Do NOT condescend to me about my goddamn subject when I have been awake for 36 hours finishing a graduate degree in said subject.

This was my favorite part of the mansplaining: "Many things are social constructs. But sciences and all the evidence definitely shows that not all our inclinations are social constructs. To believe that everything is a social construct is an extremist view. It is really a faith. Evolutionary explanations, hormones, and neuroscans are not completely driven by social constructs. "

#notallinclinations, guys. And, durrr. Culture and our badass brains give us the option to not blindly follow our inclinations and to make reasoned decisions about the best choice and the impact our actions will have on other people.


Evolutionary explanations, though, are totally driven by social constructs. Evolution isn't, but I'm starting to doubt that this dude actually understands how evolution works...and yet still feels qualified to explain it (badly) to me. Even though I've already told him that I. have. a. master's.level.education.in.this.thing.exactly. URGH.

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